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We are experts at targeting and reaching specific markets. We have developed a number of unique consumer packages, which include: Corporate Tours, Hospitality Programs, Leisure Time and New Product Launches.

The business to business sector is catered for Hospitality Programs and Retail Network Support. Of course, we also design packages for clients with other objectives!

Hot Air Balloons – An Effective Advertising Tool

Unlike any other form of advertising, hot air balloons pique people’s curiosity and interest. Hot air balloons exceed the standard form of advertising and create an “event”. They have a greater impact and a long lasting impression on your targeted consumers and are a great tool to use at a sporting events, parties, etc. Hot air balloons generate excitement and interaction of the surveyed respondents:

90% comment/discussed hot air balloons
33% comment on billboards
22% comment on bus/transit advertising
58% stop and watch hot air balloons flight
33% snapped a photo
15% actually follow where the balloon goes