Not just a load of Hot Air...

As North America's leading hot air balloon company, Sundance Balloons is committed to capturing the imagination, attention and memories of our customers. Sundance Balloons is a Transport Canada certified manufacturer of hot air balloons, as well as cold air inflatable advertising balloons. We are an advertising and promotional company that specializes in the design and execution of promotional, display, and merchandising communication programs, using hot air balloons, cold air inflatables, and event management as core tools. Sundance Balloons also delivers related collateral support materials such as promotional product design and execution.

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Corporate Advertising - Hot Air Balloons


Your Brand , All Eyes to the Sky

Promoting a brand personality is a role, in which, hot air balloons excel. With state of the art manufacturing methods (enabling stunning artwork to be constructed) we can take a simple drawing and bring it to life!

The Sundance Team creates turn-key programs to ensure events and programs will generate buzz about YOUR business.

Inflatables: so you can use them time after time!

Captivating Custom Inflatables

Picture of Coors Light Inflatables

You Dream It , We Build It!

Our cold-air inflatables can depict logos/characters, products, and just about anything. Count on Sundance Balloons to inflate your business! Our inflatables are eye popping, and created with durability in mind so you can use your inflatables time after time.

Sundance Balloons inflatables are created out of premium nylon material, and are built to your specifications.

Creative High-Quality Manufacturing

Picture of manufacturing equipment

Bold and Electric Marketing Tools

Sundance Balloons is not only the largest hot air balloon operator in the world, but also holds a state of the art production facility.

This facility produces much more than hot air balloons and cold air inflatables. In our custom "dream factory" we create specialized balloons, sports targets, custom bags, and more!

Mach Zero? Fans

Picture of large match zero propellor

Durable, Efficient and Reliable - For Life.

Sundance Balloons also creates their own durable, reliable, and efficient Mach Zero™ Inflation Fans.

From ballooning to hollywood film shoots, Mach Zero™ fans always blow away competators!